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Home for the Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving from your friendly painters at The Paint Kings.  While the holidays are a time for friends, family and fun, there can be some stress associated with them.  For one thing, relatives you see once a year pop by to enjoy a warm meal and check out the latest and greatest improvements to your home.  Or lack there of.  But not to fret, all it takes is a few hours and you can  freshen up your abode and keep the in-laws in awe.  Here are some house painting tips for your holiday headaches.

1. Add an accent wall.  Do you have a wall in your home that has seen better days.  Instead of trying to touch it up and hoping that the paint matches, go big and give it a flare for the dramatic.  Use a color that fits in well with the flooring, drapes, furniture and lighting situation.  Dark reds give the best contrast but should be used in moderation and with the right architectural features.  Check out our full article for Accent Walls here.

2. If a touch up is all you need then here are some tips to make your project a success.  Always use the original paint.  Paint colors can vary from can to can and store to store.  The only way to guarantee you have the right color is to use the same paint.  If that paint is no longer workable, too dry or smells like bad cheese, take the can to a qualified paint store.  They will be able to do a custom match and get the paint as close as possible.  Touch ups also work best if the paint used was flat or semi-gloss.  If you have a low sheen finish the touch up becomes much more difficult.  Check out our Touch Up Tips

3. For low-sheen or semi gloss walls try washing the walls instead.  Using a soft cloth, warm water and light detergent you can remove most marks from a wall or door.  Be gentle because too much pressure can burnish the paint and create discoloration in those spots.  Check out our Cleaning Tips Here

4. Call Paint Kings to get a fast free estimate and leave the headache to us.  We specialize in emergency paint jobs and can get most projects done in a day.

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