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Choosing colors for your house painting project

Colors to match your needs Color is a tricky thing. Each person sees the pigments in complex colors differently and many have a hard time imagining them on interior or exterior walls of their homes. We here at Paint Kings have many tools and skills at your disposal to make color easy
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Home for the Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving from your friendly painters at The Paint Kings.  While the holidays are a time for friends, family and fun, there can be some stress associated with them.  For one thing, relatives you see once a year pop by to enjoy a warm meal and check out the latest and greatest
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What to do before the painters arrive

So you’ve decided to paint. You’ve called around and received a few reputable bids, you’ve looked over your budget and selected a painting company. Now what You need a color. Instead of browsing endless paint chips at your local DIY store. Go to Paint Kings color wheel and find color
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Holiday Touch Up Tips

Get touch up tips for the holidays. 1. Use your original paint If you have the original paint and it’s still in good condition, we recommend using it for your interior painting touchup needs. That way, you can be sure that the color you’re using will blend well into the existing paint
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Licensed, Bonded and Insured
Questions for Painting Contractors

With the current economic conditions, many homeowners have been tempted to cut costs on their upcoming projects by hiring contractors offering the low-bid price. But there may be some hidden costs involved in that price that you may not be aware of. For one, when a licensed contractor
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